Hong Kong coat hangers

Hong Kong coat hangers
Michael Wolf
Ed. Peperoni
Date de publication : 21/06/2017

Bent, curled, twisted apart, or strung neatly in chains and rows, coat hangers of every colour inhabit the narrow backstreets and hidden alleyways of Hong Kong. Photographer Michael Wolf sought out these ubiquitous metropolitan denizens for his new series, seemingly trying to discover how many ways this simple piece of wire can be used.

Besides functioning as a device on which to hang things – socks, shoes, gloves, towels, baskets, combs, plastic bags, your lunch – the humble coat hanger can also hold a latch closed, stretch a cable, block a valve from turning, or even keep other coat hangers safe. The book offers a fascinating and fresh look at an often underappreciated object. (présentation de l'éditeur)

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