Gere Richard
Ed. Little Brown & Co
Date de publication : 01/06/2005

To paraphrase Magritte, these are not really Tibetans, these are photographs of Tibetans or rather they are photographs of my feelings for and about Tibetans. Somehow in the alchemy of light, platinum, silver, and grain, I offer the taste of my feelings of love and gratitude for all they've given me, which I will never be able to repay : May all beings, and especially our brothers and sisters in Tibet, be continuously held in the protective embrace of the Victorious Ones, and may they quickly achieve happiness and the causes of future happiness. R.G.

Catalogue des photos de Richard Gere exposées à la Galerie Young à Bruxelles. Travail réalisé en coopération avec la Gere Foundation et la Galerie Fahey/Klein de Los Angeles.