Nobu Now

Nobu Now
Matsuhisa Nobuyuki
Ed. Quadrille
Date de publication : 01/10/2004

Un chef Sushi au sommet de la cuisine internationale

Even for those who have never eaten in one of his restaurants, the name Nobu conjures up a magical world of the most delicious luxurious food in a glamorous modern ambience, with the added caché of almost inevitably rubbing shoulders with the global ultra-chic.
Nobu Matsuhisa stands above all the other great world-class chefs in being the only one who is truly celebrated internationally. His everexpanding worldwide empire of faboulously fashionable restaurants now numbers thirteen and they remain very much THE places to eat and to be seen in each city [...]
For the first time he ventures beyond seafood into meat and poultry dishes, applying his usual principles and using his signature sauces, as in his Kobe Beef New-Style Sashimi and Lamb Chop with Miso Anti-cucho Sauce. For the vegetarian, however, there are treats like Fruit Tomato and Vegetable Ceviche, and Avocado Egg Pudding [...]
Indeed, the essence of Japanese cuisin - using simple techniques to bring out the flavours in the best of ingredients - is still at the heart of Nobu's cooking. In Nobu Now he demonstrates how much and how far this tenet can be applied, resulting in the food that his admirers absolutely adore - light, modern, clean and fresh.
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