The Good Life

The Good Life
McInerney Jay
Ed. Bloomsbury
Date de publication : 01/01/2006

In the shadow of 9/11, a story of love, family and conflicting desires.

Jay McInerney revisits ten years on some of the characters who populated Brightness Falls. Luke McGavock, in the enviable position of having made more money than he knows what to do with, has chosen to take a sabbatical in which he hopes to recover the sense of purpose suddenly lacking in his life. But his wife is more than up to the task of spending and is very much a part of Upper East Side society - a lifestyle that affects their daughter in ways he shudders to think about.

Meanwhile, Russell and Corrine Calloway have survived a separation and managed to produce, by extraordinary medical means, two children who help to bind them together, even if the early promise of their marriage has thinned and faded.
Russell is still in publishing, though in a diminished position, while Corrine casts about for a role she might play other than mother.

These are only some of the lives transformed by 9/11, in which both McGavock and the Calloways lose a friend, and Luke and Corrine soon find themselves side by side, providing food and drink to workers at the devastated site, while feeling adrift anywhere else. This novel is the story of the love that develops between them, people battered by loss and betrayal, by memory and regret, by fresh disappointment and shocks, people determined to discover, before it's too late, what the good life truly is.

This is Jay McInereny doing what he does best : the life of the city in all its personal, professional, social and moral complexity.
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