The Diviners

The Diviners
Moody Rick
Ed. Faber and Faber
Date de publication : 01/01/2006

Rick Moody is one of the most admired writers of his day. His first novel in eight years is a bold, hilarious and all-too-human story of ambition, folly, and the tyranny of showbiz buzz.

It is Election 2000 in America, and Florida is recounting its disputed Bush/Gore votes. But scores of movie-business wannabes are focused on only one goal : getting a piece of hotly tipped new TV project called The Diviners, an epic mini-series that will begin with Huns sweeping through Mongolia and close with a Mormon divining for water in the Nevada desert. Nobody has actually read a script yet, but the word is the The Diviners will be huge...

Among those circling the project is Vanessa Meandro, volatile chief of Means of Production, a New York indie film company seeking to crack the mainstream. Among Vanessa's staff and creative associates she can boast a Sikh cab driver, a bipolar bike messenger, two celebrity publicists, the Vanderbilt girls, a studio head, a writer who throws Botox parties, and a young woman whose job it is to fetch Vanessa her beloved Krispy Kreme donuts.

Entertainment is a hard-nosed business, but real emotion will blossom for most of Vanessa's staff - even for Vanessa herself - in this. Rick Moody's wide-ranging and generous work of fiction yet.
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