Dancers, artists and lovers

Dancers, artists and lovers
Ed. Arvinius & Orpheus
Date de publication : 01/07/2021

After the desolation of World War I, a new avant-garde took shape in the arts and culture. Led by the eccentric couple Rolf de Maré and Jean Börlin, the dance troupe known as Ballet Suédois emerged in this heady atmosphere of creativity and experimentation. They collaborated with many artists and composers, such as Francis Picabia, Fernand Léger, Erik Satie, Hugo Alfvén, and Darius Milhaud. The troupe’s imaginative total artworks included music, décor, choreography, and costumes, and they were not afraid to involve or provoke their audience. In this book, various authors explore the importance of Ballet Suédois for modernism as well as for future.

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